Top Places to Visit in Seychelles

Top 50 Places to Visit in Seychelles for an Epic Trip

Many of you must have heard about this tropical paradise in the African continent or might have come across some gorgeous pictures of Seychelles. With so many beautiful places to visit in Seychelles, this tropical country is perfect for beach and island lovers.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t adventurous activities to keep you engaged here. From scuba diving to hiking, there are several things to do in Seychelles for the tourists to make the most of your vacation here. And yes, while the popular opinion is that Seychelles is expensive, it doesn’t have to be if you plan your trip well.

When I traveled to Seychelles, I enjoyed a 15 day stay here in just 50,000 INR or 670 USD (excluding flights). In this article, I will be listing down some of the best places to visit in Seychelles that you cannot miss out on during your trip.

Places to Visit in Seychelles

About Seychelles

Seychelles is an island republic in the Indian ocean which looks like a tiny dot on a map but is an archipelago of 115 islands. Astounding, right?

Known for its timeless beauty, peace, and diversity, this unique destination has green rainforests and crystal-clear turquoise waters that are admired all over the world. That’s not all, this island nation is also home to a few rare flora and fauna species and is protected heavily by the government.

Seychelles is divided into two island groups: MahĂ© group comprising of 40 granite islands and a second island group consisting of flat, coralline islands. These are the only granite islands that are located mid-ocean and are the world’s oldest ocean islands as well. The islands in the MahĂ© group are usually rocky and have a narrow coastline along with a central mountainous region.

On the other hand, the coralline islands are flat and have coral reefs at an elevation. These islands are mostly water-less and have a small residential population.

With these magical rock formations, exquisite beaches, gorgeous mountains, diverse coral reefs, and a warm climate, Seychelles is a dream holiday destination for most people.

Best Islands in Seychelles

There are a lot of amazing places to visit in Seychelles, especially the islands. Since this country is made up of 115 islands, you have a lot of islands to visit.

In this section, I have listed down a few of the best islands to explore during your stay here.

1. Mahé Island

Mahé Island, Seychelles
Mahé Island, Seychelles

One of the most popular places to visit in Seychelles, Mahé Island is also the largest island in this archipelago. This island is home to over 70 gorgeous beaches, the highest mountain range in Seychelles, green forests, and diverse flora and fauna. Mahé is particularly famous for the attractions in Beau Vallon beach and the Victoria city, the smallest capital in the world.

Here, you can hike to the highest point of Morne Seychellois, enjoy a nice tan on one of the beaches, or go on a water adventure to enjoy your vacation. You can plan a trip to spend some alone time here or enjoy a romantic vacation with your partner. Mahé Island will surely not disappoint you.

How to Reach: You can reach Mahé Island by taking a flight to the Seychelles International Airport.

Things to Do Here: Hiking, snorkeling, photography, bird-watching, sunbathing, and sightseeing.

2. Ile Moyenne Island

Known for the Giant Tortoises, Ile Moyenne Island is filled with ruins and is home to several pirate graves as well. This island is located near the northeast coast of Mahe Island and is now a popular natural reserve which attracts tourists from all over the world.

This place has over 16,000 trees and plants such as mango, mahogany, and a lot more. You will also find the tortoise here which you can feed after taking permission. You can buy a lot of souvenirs on this island as well including old artifacts and old doll’s head. And there are a lot of paranormal stories associated with this island that you can learn about from your guides or the guidebooks.

How to Reach: You can take a tour from Mahé Island to reach this island.

Things to Do Here: Sightseeing, wildlife, and photography

3. Cousine Island

One of the best islands for nature lovers, Cousine Island has been turned into a protected area as it is home to several endangered and exotic flora and fauna species. A few of the species that you would find here include Seychelles brush warbler, Hawksbill turtle, Seychelles turtledove, Seychelles magpie robin, and so on. You will also find Hawksbill Turtles nesting around here so there are a lot of eggs lying around that you can observe.

How to Reach: You can take a guided tour of this island from Praslin Island on a weekend. This is a protected island so it is accessible only on weekends.

Things to Do Here: Wildlife, sunbathing, and photography

4. Praslin Island

Praslin Island
Praslin Island

Most popularly known for the Vallée de Mai which is a UNESCO Heritage site, Praslin Island or Isle de Palme is home to the most gorgeous beaches in the world. This is one of the most gorgeous islands to visit in Seychelles and is home to the Coco De Mer palms as well.

This noteworthy island has Anse Lazio beach – the 6th best beach in the world, and the Anse Georgette beach which are absolutely beautiful and a perfect place to spend some time. In the Praslin National Park, you can find the rare species of Seychelles black parrot as well. Also, do not miss out on the biggest coral reef in the area at VallĂ©e de Mai.

How to Reach: You can take a 50-minute ferry from Mahé Island to reach this island.

Things to Do Here: Sightseeing, snorkeling, hiking, scuba diving, and beaches

5. Curieuse Island

Curieuse Island is a small granite island that is located near the northern coast of Praslin and is the home to the Coco De Mer plants. This is also home to the amazing Curieuse Marine National Park which is home to diverse flora and fauna. And while it is prohibited to set foot on this island to preserve the nature and the wildlife, you can join a guided tour with locals to visit Cousine and Curieuse Islands in a day.

Predominantly, this island is filled with Coco De Mer Palms and Giant Tortoises and there are a lot of nature trails and hikes to explore here. You can also enjoy a magnificent view of the Silhoutte Island, Petite Soeur Island, Ile Aride Island, Grand Soeur Island, and so on from Mont Caiman.

Here, you can find some endemic species like Porcher, Lalyann Dille, Bois Chandelle, and so on. You will also find the special Seychelles Black Parrot which is only found here.

How to Reach: You can reach this island with the help of a ferry as a part of a guided day tour.

Things to Do Here: Hiking, nature trails, wildlife, and photography

6. St Pierre Island

Situated 2 km away from Praslin Island, St Pierre Island is a gorgeous small island that can be accessed from Praslin. Although this is an uninhabited island, it is a perfect spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. Also, the island looks gorgeous with granite boulders that are surrounded by coconut trees and azure-colored water.

How to Reach: You can join a scuba diving or snorkeling tour from Praslin to St Pierre Island.

Things to Do Here: Snorkeling, scuba diving, and photography

7. Grande Soeur and Petite Soeur

Known as the Big Sister and Small Sister, Grand Soeur and Petite Soeur are a part of the Seychelles archipelago. These islands are privately-owned granite islands that are covered with tropical forests.

These islands are a popular day tour from La Digue Island and are perfect for enjoying some quiet time. The interiors give a full-on jungle vibe and will make you feel like you are part of the Jurassic Park movie. Petite Soeur Island is a little difficult to access due to the rocky coastline. However, if you are able to reach the island, do check out the walking trails here and enjoy the identify the amazing coral reefs surrounding the island.

How to Reach: You can take a tour from La Digue Island to these two islands or enjoy an overnight stay at these private islands.

Things to Do Here: Snorkeling, scuba diving, photography, and hiking

8. La Digue Island

La Digue Island
La Digue Island

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Seychelles, La Digue Island is best known for the granite boulders that surround the beaches and the west coast of the island. This is the third-most populated island in Seychelles and has an area of approximately 10 km2. Yes, that’s right, the entire island is quite small and can easily be covered on cycle.

This island is known for its gorgeous beaches, Anse Source D’Argent and Grand Anse, and offers a quiet and tranquil environment to anyone who stays here. There is also a nature reserve here where you can find a few endemic birds and animals such as Black Paradise Flycatcher, Seychelles Coconut Crab, Terns, Sunbirds, and so on.

There are several amazing short hikes here as well to explore the beaches and enjoy the view of distant islands.

How to Reach: You can take a ferry from Praslin to reach La Digue Island.

Things to Do Here: Snorkeling, scuba diving, sightseeing, hiking, cycling, and photography

9. Ile Cocos Island

Ile Cocos Marine National Park is located near La Digue Island and is one of the best snorkeling spots in Seychelles. You can enjoy a day trip to this island to enjoy the rich marine life in this area. From Whale Sharks to Parrot Fish, you will find a large range of fishes, tortoises, and turtles in the water around here.

How to Reach: You can join a day tour or take a taxi boat to reach the pristine water around this island for some underwater fun.

Things to Do Here: Snorkeling and scuba diving

10. Aldabra Island

The world’s largest coral atoll, Aldabra Island is one of the best places to visit in Seychelles that is also a popular UNESCO World Heritage site. This island preserves the Giant Aldabra Tortoise which is the oldest living creature in the world which was at the brink of extinction but with the help of the government’s conservation efforts, it is not endangered anymore.

The island is said to be of volcanic origin and special permission is required if you wish to visit this island so as to ensure the protection of the fragile ecosystem here. You can find a lot of endemic species here and vast colonies of seabirds and turtles come here to breed as well.

A few bird and animal species that you would find here include white-throated Aldabra Rail, Dimorphic Egrets, Malagasy Kestrel, Manta Ray, and so on.

How to Reach: You can join a private tour to reach Aldabra Island

Things to Do Here: Wildlife and photography

11. Nord Est Beach

Nord Est Beach
Nord Est Beach

Nord Est Beach is a collection of small beaches on the North-Eastern side of Mahé Island and is where most of the locals hang out. These beaches are quiet and secluded and perfect for chilling on the beach or swimming in the ocean.

You will find a lot of trees here that offer you proper shade to sit under and relax. And you can enjoy the view of the faraway islands as well.

How to Reach: You can take a taxi or the local bus to reach the Nord Est Beaches.

Places to Visit in Mahe Islands

12. Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach, Mahé
Sunset Beach, Mahe

One of my favorite places to visit in Mahé was Sunset Beach on the North West coast. This beach is next to the famous Sunset Hotel and offers a breathtaking view of Silhouette Island.

This beach is surrounded by palm trees and cliffs which makes it a great spot for watching sunsets. That’s not all, there are several sunbeds here too where you can relax, sunbathe, or just enjoy the sunset views.

How to Reach: You can take a bus from Victoria to Glacis to reach this beach.

13. Police Bay Beach

Police Bay Beach is the larger sister beach to Petite Police beach and is located on the southernmost coast of Mahé. The water is quite deep and rough here so this beach is not suitable for swimming. However, the wild. natural scenery around the beach offers it a secluded feel and is the perfect place to relax and spend some alone time.

While swimming isn’t advisable, you can definitely enjoy surfing here and it is great for photography as well.

How to Reach: You can take a bus to Anse Bazzarca or take a taxi to the Petite Police Beach.

14. Port Launay

Port Launay
Port Launay

One of the popular places to visit in Mahé, Port Launay Beach is located next to Constance Ephelia Resort. The beach is surrounded by greenery and the water is really clean and blue here so it can be quite relaxing to visit this beach.

There are a lot of water sport activities that you can indulge in here such as kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, and so on. There is also a swing here which you can use to enjoy the beautiful views around you.

How to Reach: You can take a bus from Victoria to Port Launay Beach.

15. Port Launay Waterfall

One of the best places to visit in Seychelles is the Port Launay Waterfall which is located on the West Coast of Mahé. This waterfall is also known as Port Glaud waterfall and nicely cascades over a freshwater pool which is perfect for swimming.

This is one of the natural wonders in Seychelles and looks absolutely gorgeous in the morning.

How to Reach: You can take a bus to Port Launay and get down near the Port Glaud stop.

16. La Misere Viewpoint

La Misere Viewpoint
La Misere Viewpoint

A great spot in Mahé to enjoy the panoramic view of Victoria City, La Misere Viewpoint can be visited during the day and the nighttime. At night, you can enjoy some alone time here and watch the entire city lit up.

During the day, you can easily see the Eden Islands along with the Ile Au Cerf and Saint-Anne Marine National Park.

How to Reach: You can take a bus from Victoria to La Misere Viewpoint and it takes just 10 minutes to reach.

17. Sir Selwyn Clarke Market

One of the most colorful places to visit in Mahé, Sir Selwyn Clarke Market is a colorful busy market that is perfect for shopping food. This market was first opened in 1840 and has lots of shops selling souvenirs, local artwork, clothing, etc. that make this marketplace more charming.

Here, you can also purchase fresh fruits, fish, vegetables, and spices.

How to Reach: This market is just a 2-minute walk from the Victoria Bus Station.

18. The Little Ben Clock Tower

Based on the Little Ben Clock Tower of London, this tourist attraction in Seychelles is one of the best places to visit in Victoria city. First built in 1903, this clock tower looks gorgeous and was erected to honor Queen Victoria who died in 1901.

How to Reach: You can take a bus or taxi to Victoria and then walk to this clock tower.

19. Morne Blanc Viewpoint

Morne Blanc Viewpoint
Morne Blanc Viewpoint

One of the best places to visit in Mahé is the Morne Blanc Viewpoint that is a 2-hour hike from the starting point at Sans Soucis Road. This is a moderately easy hike and the trail goes through the Morne Seychellois National Park which is quite dense and offers shade during the daytime.

The viewpoint offers a beautiful view of the Western coastline and there is a wooden plank here to enjoy the views. The trail is 3.2 km and takes 45 minutes for the ascent and 30 minutes for the descent. On the way, you have to cross several mossy trees and large boulders but this hike can easily be done without a guide.

How to Reach: Take a bus to the trail starting point at Sans Soucis Road and then hike to the viewpoint.

20. Tea Trail

On the way to Port Launay, there is a tea factory located near the Morne Blanc trail starting point. From the tea factory, there is a small trail where you can find more about the local plants found on this island.

And you can enjoy some gorgeous mountain views from this trail as well.

How to Reach: You can take a bus from Victoria to the Tea Factory.

21. Mission Lodge

Mission Lodge Lookout
Mission Lodge Lookout

Another popular viewpoint to visit in Seychelles is the Mission Lodge Lookout that offers gorgeous views of majestic mountains and azure-colored waters. You can hike to the viewpoint and spot a few colorful birds and gorgeous sights on the way.

How to Reach: You can take a bus to the gate of the Mission Lodge on Sans Soucis Road.

22. Galle Beach Face

If you wish to join the local party scenes in Seychelles, then you should visit Galle Beach Face on a weekend night. Here, the parking area is full of cars and the locals are mingling with each other here.

This is where you will find most teenagers hanging around with a few adults. And the area will be filled with musical sounds that are blaring from the cars. Overall, this place can be a lot of fun and a great way to become friends with the locals.

How to Reach: You will need to hire a taxi to reach as the buses don’t work at night.

23. Victoria City

Victoria City
Victoria City

Another great place to visit is Victoria city, the capital of Seychelles, which can be easily explored on foot. There are a lot of parks, restaurants, and shops here for you to explore. Also, you can chill at the Jetty area here and watch a sunset.

How to Reach: You can walk from the Victoria Bus Station to explore the city.

24. Seychelles National Botanical Gardens

Established in 1901, Seychelles National Botanical Gardens which is aka Victoria Botanical Gardens is another must-visit place in MahĂ©. This is one of the oldest Seychelles’ National monuments and contains a large collection of exotic and endemic plants which is maintained in the tropical gardens.

You will find palm trees and a wide range of fruit and spice trees here that cannot be seen anywhere else in Mahé. Apart from that, they also have the giant tortoises of Aldabra, a few of which are more than 150 years old. There is also an orchid house here where they have stored a wide collection of orchids including Seychelles orchids.

How to Reach: You can take a bus from Victoria Bus Station or walk to the Botanical Garden.

25. Morne Seychellois National Park

Morne Seychellois National Park
Morne Seychellois National Park

Named after its highest point, Morne Seychellois, this National Park covers 20% of Mahé Island and is a great place for hikers and adventure enthusiasts. There are several amazing trails here that will lead you to some amazing viewpoints and waterfalls.

A few of the trails in this national park are Salazie Trail, Morne Blanc Trail, Casse Dent Trail, and so on.

How to Reach: You can take a bus from Victoria to Port Glaud or Port Launay via Sans Soucis Road and get down on the way near the trail starting points.

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26. Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception

With beautiful intricate carvings and delicate tapestries, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception was first built in 1851. This cathedral also holds the tomb of Felix Paul who was the first Seychellois Bishop.

This cathedral looks gorgeous to and is a popular attraction to visit in Seychelles.

How to Reach: This cathedral is just a couple of minutes’ walk from the Victoria Bus Station.

27. Beau Vallon

Beau Vallon
Beau Vallon

One of the most popular attractions to visit in Seychelles, Beau Vallon Beach offers an amazing view of Silhouette Island and is a great place to sunbathe or swim in the ocean too. This beach also offers several water sports such as water skiing, jet-skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.

Since this is a commercial beach, there are several hotels and restaurants around here. A walk on this beach or beside the beach can be quite calming and therapeutic for you. There are shops near the beach so you can buy some souvenirs, clothes, etc. during your visit here too.

How to Reach: You can take a bus to Beau Vallon and get down at Beau Vallon Petrol Station or you can hire a taxi to take you to the beach.

28. Domaine de Val des Prés

Domaine de Val des PrĂ©s is a craft village that showcases Creole architecture, gastronomy, and handicrafts. Here, you can visit the Grann Kaz plantation house which was built around 1870, La Kaz Rosa – a 20th century working-class home, and 12 craft shops displaying local crafts.

That’s not all, there is also a house made up of coconut trees known as Maison de Coco where you can purchase coconut products. And there is Kaz Zanama – a Creole-style house that comprises of a beautiful veranda, exhibition of artist George Camille, and a cafe.

How to Reach: You can take a bus to the nearest bus stop or hire a taxi to reach here.

29. Seychelles Natural History Museum

If you would like to learn a little about the history of Seychelles then you can visit the Seychelles Natural History Museum in Victoria City. In this museum, you learn about the flora, fauna, and the geographical history of Seychelles.

This museum also shares information about environmental problems and why there is a need to preserve natural heritage.

How to Reach: You can walk from the Victoria Bus Station to Seychelles Natural History Museum.

30. Anse Forbans

Anse Forbans
Anse Forbans

Anse Forbans is a popular beach among the locals and is situated on the South East coast of Mahé Island. This beach is great for swimming and water sports and you will find many locals come here during the weekends to chill with their family and friends and enjoy a BBQ party.

How to Reach: You can take a taxi or rental car to reach Anse Forbans beach.

31. Anse Intendance

A small crescent-shaped sandy beach, Anse Intendance is surrounded with palm trees and is a great place to relax on the beach. Although the water is not suited for swimming, this beach is perfect for sunbathing, surfing, and photography.

If you are looking for some quiet time then this beach is perfect for you.

How to Reach: You can take a taxi to reach Anse Intendance beach.

32. Sainte Anne Marine National Park

One of the most popular getaways from Mahé Island is the Sainte Anne Marine National Park, a group of 6 islands. This national park is popular for snorkeling and scuba diving and offers a glass-bottom excursion to the tourists to enjoy the aquatic life and coral reefs from above.

You can also join scuba diving tours to this marine park and observe a rich marine life along with some amazing coral reefs here.

How to Reach: You can take a ferry to reach this marine park.

Places to Visit in Praslin Island

Here are a few top places to visit in Praslin.

33. Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio, Praslin
Anse Lazio, Praslin

Anse Lazio has been ranked as one of the best beaches in the world due to its Takamaka trees, glittering blue waters, and white sand. This beach is perfect for swimming and snorkeling and has a hiking trail that connects to Anse Georgette beach.

A picturesque beach, Anse Lazio is one of the top places to visit in Praslin and feels like you have entered paradise. With its turquoise blue waters, giant granite boulders, and small lagoons, you are going to absolutely love spending some time here.

How to Reach: You can take a bus to the nearest bus stop which is 2 km away from the beach. The best way to reach this beach is by hiring a taxi or renting a car.

34. Vallée De Mai National Park

Vallée De Mai National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Praslin that preserves a prehistoric forest. This forest is home to a wide range of endemic flora and fauna species. Here, you can hike along the marked trail to explore the forest and observe different kinds of plants, birds, and animals available here.

This national park is quite popular for species like Coco De Mer fruit, Vanilla Orchids, Fruit Pigeon, Seychelles Bulbul, and Black Parrot (the national bird of Seychelles).

Price: 350 SCR (20 USD or 1500 INR)

How to Reach: You can take a bus to reach Vallée De Mai National Park.

35. Fond Ferdinand

Fond Ferdinand
Fond Ferdinand

One of the top places to visit in Seychelles, Fond Ferdinand is a natural reserve in Praslin that is a great alternative to Vallée De Mai National Park. This nature reserve was opened in 2013 and is six times larger than Vallée De Mai National Park. It also comprises of many more endemic species of flora and fauna than Vallée De Mai National Park.

You can learn about Coco De Mer here and can even interact with the Aldabra Giant Tortoises here. There is also a 2-3 hour climb to a viewpoint from where you can enjoy the view of Praslin and inner islands. From this viewpoint, you can see Cocos island, Curieuse Island, Sister Island, La Digue Island, and so on.

Price: 125 SCR (7 USD or 530 INR)

How to Reach: You can take a bus or a car to Fond Ferdinand nature reserve.

36. Pointe Millers

If you are a hiking enthusiast, then you are going to love the view from Pointe Millers which offers you a breathtaking view of Anse Georgette from a height. This viewpoint comes on the Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette trail and is one of the most picturesque trails in Praslin.

While the trail is a little demanding and overgrown with jungle, it adds to the adventure and is definitely a hike that you should do.

How to Reach: Hike from Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette.

37. Grand Anse

Grand Anse, Praslin
Grand Anse, Praslin

On the east coast of Praslin is the longest beach on Praslin, Grand Anse Beach. This wide beach is lined with hotels that offer a good view of the bay and the sea. It is also a good place for fishing, swimming, and other water sports.

You will also find local food here that tastes extremely delicious in this area. So, make sure you spend at least half a day exploring this bay.

How to Reach: You can take a bus to reach Grand Anse village and then walk to the beach.

38. Anse Georgette

Anse Georgette, Praslin
Anse Georgette, Praslin

A breathtaking beach, Anse Georgette is a relatively secluded and quiet beach that makes it a popular attraction in Praslin. One of the best beaches to visit in Seychelles, this beach is only accessible through Constance Lemuria resort and you need to book your slot to access the beach.

However, the turquoise water and granite boulders with green vegetation make this beach unforgettable. This is one of the most serene beaches in Praslin and since it is rock-free and coral-free, you can actually enjoy the clear water here.

So, if you are looking for some alone time to spend on a beautiful beach where you can swim in the clear water then Anse Georgette is the perfect beach for you.

How to Reach: You can take a bus to reach Constance Lemuria resort.

39. Praslin National Park

Established in 1979, Praslin National Park is the second-largest terrestrial National Park in Seychelles. The highest point of this national park is at 367 m and the park offers several amazing viewpoints to enjoy the landscape.

It is also the home to the World UNESCO Heritage Site – VallĂ©e de Mai and is home to a lot of endemic plants, birds, and animals. One of the most popular walking trails in this national park is the Glacis Noire trail that is a 1-hour trail. And at the end of the trail, you get ta breathtaking view of the islands – La Digue, Felicite, Fregate, Ile Ronde, Marianne, and so on.

How to Reach: You can take a bus or car to reach the Praslin National Park.

40. Cote D’Or Beach

Cote D'Or Beach, Praslin
Cote D’Or Beach, Praslin

Cote D’Or beach, also known as Anse Volbert, is the longest beach on Praslin and is one of the most popular beaches here too. Since this beach is connected to many accommodations, it is always filled with tourists who are on a vacation.

This beach offers a lot of fun activities for you such as surfing, scuba diving, sailing, fishing, and so on. There are plenty of restaurants and shops here too where you can eat and shop for souvenirs. And you can enjoy beautiful views of the St Pierre Island from here.

How to Reach: You can take a cycle , a bus or a car to reach this beach.

Places to Visit in La Digue Island

Take a look at these amazing places to visit in La Digue Island.

41. Anse Source D’Argent

Anse Source D'Argent
Anse Source D’Argent

One of the top places to visit in Seychelles, Anse Source D’Argent is a large beach that is split into smaller sections by the large granite boulders. As a result, you can easily find a nice spot to spend with your loved one or alone while being surrounded by this picturesque beach and water.

These large granite boulders add a certain charm to the place and will definitely take away your breath. This is also one of the most photographer beaches in the world so make sure that you take advantage of the view here. Also, since the water is shawllow here due to coral reefs, you can enjoy a snorkeling experience here.

How to Reach: You can cycle to L’Union Estate and then to this beach inside the estate.

42. Anse Cocos

One of the most secluded beaches in Seychelles, Anse Cocos is a C-shaped beach that lies on the eastern coast of La Digue Island. With golden-white sand, turquoise hues of the ocean, and a gorgeous bay, Anse Cocos beach is a dream destination.

The water current is unpredictable here so it is not safe to swim here. However, there are several shallow pools where you can enjoy a swim. The hike to Anse Cocos beach from Grand Anse and Petite Anse beach is quite exciting too and takes place under a forest cover.

So, if you are looking for a secluded beach then this is the perfect beach in La Digue Island.

How to Reach: You can cycle to Grand Anse beach and then hike to Anse Cocos beach.

43. Anse Severe

Another popular beach to explore in La Digue Island, Anse Severe Beach offers a magical sunset view over Praslin Island, This beach faces the Praslin Island and has nice and calm water which is perfect for swimming.

This beach is close to several accommodations and there are a few snack shops nearby so you can enjoy some time here. The water here is perfect for snorkeling and paddling and the beach is easily accessible from the main road.

How to Reach: You can use a car or a bike to reach here.

44. Anse Fourmis

Anse Fourmis, La Digue
Anse Fourmis, La Digue

One of my absolute favorite places to visit in La Digue, Anse Fourmis is a peaceful and secluded beach on the east coast of the island. Perfect for sunbathers, this beach has tall takamaka trees under which you can relax and enjoy a nice picnic.

There is a hiking trail from Anse Fourmis to Anse Cocos beach but it is slightly tricky to reach from here. However, you can occupy yourself by admiring the corals here while relaxing under the tropical sun. This beach is not good for swimming or snorkeling.

How to Reach: This beach is easily accessible from the road so you can take a cycle or a car to reach here.

45. Grand Anse

A slightly commercialized beach, Grand Anse is lined with restaurants and is a great place to sunbathe and enjoy the view. Since there are no coral reefs here, this beach is not protected from the ocean which is why it is not suitable for swimming.

However, it is still great for a walk and dipping your feet in the water and it is comparatively less crowded than other beaches in La Digue.

How to Reach: You can cycle or take a car to reach Grand Anse.

46. Petite Anse

Lying next to the Grand Anse Beach, Petite Anse beach offers crystal clear water with beautiful scenery. This beach is also not suitable for swimming but makes the perfect spot for a picnic as it receives very few tourists in a day.

How to Reach: This beach is a 15-minute hike from Grand Anse beach.

47. Veuve Reserve

Veuve Reserve
Veuve Reserve

La Digue Island has its own nature reserve known as Veuve Reserve. This nature reserve is home to several endemic species including the Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher that has a long, black tail. This bird was first discovered in 1860 and has greatly shrunk in numbers since then which is why it is protected in this reserve now.

Apart from this, you will also find other birds here such as The Madagascar Fody, White Tern, and so on. The reserve is safe to explore and there are very fewer chances of you getting lost while exploring here.

How to Reach: You can take a car or cycle to reach this reserve.

48. Anse La RĂ©union

One of the best beaches to visit in La Digue, Anse La RĂ©union is easily accessible from the road and offers a safe and calm environment to enjoy the island views. This beach lies on the West coast of the island and is lined with several amazing accommodations and restaurants.

Since the water is shallow here, it is perfect for swimming and is good for snorkeling as well. You can also enjoy gorgeous sunset views here while being surrounded by palm trees.

How to Reach: You can access this beach on foot or by using a cycle.

49. Jetty

Jetty, La Digue
Jetty, La Digue

Another popular place to visit is the Jetty Area in La Digue where you will find several restaurants and shops to explore. That’s not all, around 500 meters from the Jetty entrance, there is a viewpoint where locals gather in the evening to hang out.

This is perfect location to enjoy the island views and observe the granite boulders surrounding the area.

How to Reach: You can use a cycle to reach this place.

50. L’Union Estate

One of the top places to visit in Seychelles, L’Union Estate is a great way to learn about the colonial history of this island. This estate was formerly a coconut and vanilla plantation and you can find the traditional copra mill where you can observe how copra is made.

there is also an old cemetery here where the First Settlers of this island were buried. One of the most popular attractions in this estate is the Aldabra Giant Tortoises enclosure where you can feed leaves to them and interact with them. There is also a nursery where you can find smaller Aldabra tortoises and take a look at them.

Near the tortoises, you will find the Plantation House that is the oldest French colonial architecture on this island. After another 1 km, you come across the most famous beach on La Digue Island, Anse Source D’Argent.

Price: 125 SCR (7 USD or 530 INR)

How to Reach: You can use a bicycle to reach and enter this estate.

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Seychelles

Seychelles is undoubtedly a dreamy location that attracts couples from all over the world. But did you know this destination is also a prime spot for solo travelers?

Yes, you heard me right. And there are several reasons why Seychelles is popular among all kinds of travelers. Wondering if you should plan a vacation in Seychelles?

Well, here are a few reasons why Seychelles is different from all other beach destinations.

  1. This island is home to some gorgeous beaches, including the most photographed Anse Source D’Argent beach with pink sand. This beach is surrounded by beautiful granite boulders and azure water that forms the perfect backdrop for most photographers. It is also home to the 6th best beach in the world, Anse Lazio in Praslin.
  2. There are two UNESCO World Heritage sites – Vallee De Mai and Aldabra Toll, that protect the exquisite flora and fauna here and definitely worth a visit.
  3. Due to its amazing coral reefs, rich marine life, and the availability of wrecks and canyons, Seychelles is one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world.
  4. Bird Island in Seychelles is home to the heaviest land tortoise living in the entire world. This tortoise has been named Esmeralda that weighs around 670 pounds and tourists can visit here to take a look at this magnificent reptile.
  5. One of the native fruits, Coco De Mer, is known to produce the largest seed in the world. These seed nuts can weigh 33 pounds and have distinct shapes.
  6. Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, is the smallest capital in the world and can easily be explored on foot. Victoria is a part of Mahé Island which has around 70 gorgeous beaches and is also the home to the highest peak of this island nation named Morne Seychellois.
  7. This destination is home to a few endemic birds including bare-legged Scops owl that was thought to be extinct. However, it was rediscovered on this island in 1959.
  8. Take a tour of the local Takamaka Bay rum distillery here to learn how the local rum is made. You can also purchase a few bottles of this gem that is available in different flavors.
  9. Seychellois cuisine i.e., Creole cuisine is greatly influenced by traders from Africa, China, Europe, and India. Due to its easy access to the sea, you will find all kinds of delicious curries here which are a true culinary experience for the foodies out there.
  10. For adventure enthusiasts, there are a lot of amazing hikes here that are secluded and full of gorgeous views. A hike to the Morne Seychellois is a must as it rewards you with amazing coastal views.

Weather and Temperature in Seychelles

Places to Visit in Seychelles

The climate in Seychelles is hot and tropical throughout the year. So, you will ideally see a consistent temperature in Seychelles in the range of 24 and 32 degrees Celsius. There is no distinct dry season so the weather remains humid at all times.

The trade winds are mainly responsible for the fluctuating weather in Seychelles. However, if you are planning your trip in certain months, you can expect a certain climate in Seychelles.

The weather in Seychelles in December and January is mainly wet and humid as this is the cyclone season. So, if you wish to enjoy the beaches then I would advise you to not plan a trip here in the months of December to March.

The months of May to October observe relatively dry weather in Seychelles, July, and August being the driest months. During this period, the temperature in Seychelles is around 27 degrees Celsius although the ocean can be a little rough at the time.

Ideally, April is the best time to visit Seychelles as the winds die down a little. So, this month is warm and calm and the average temperature in Seychelles is around 32 – 33 degrees Celsius.

Flora and Fauna Species in Seychelles

Since this country has remained isolated and undisturbed for a long time, unique flora and fauna have evolved here. Out of 200 species found here, 80 are unique to this island nation and have been safely protected in nature reserves, national parks, and protected areas by the government.

There are, in fact, two UNESCO World Heritage areas here too including the Vallee De Mai on Praslin Island and the Aldabra Toll. The unique flora found here consists of jellyfish trees, screw pines, Bois Rouge, Coco de Mer, and so on.

The Coco me der is one of the largest and heaviest fruit around the world and is found on only two islands. This fruit is considered to be mystical, medicinal, and an aphrodisiac as well. The local government monitors the status and the quantity of this fruit and consumption of the fruit is illegal on this island.

In terms of marine life, this island nation is home to more than 900 species of fishes, sea turtles, and giant tortoises. And you will find a wide range of endemic fauna species such as Seychelles bulbul, local tree frogs, Seychelles wolf snakes, tiger chameleons, and so on.

Things to Remember When Planning a Visit to Seychelles

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when you are planning a trip to Seychelles:

  1. English and French are the two widely spoken languages here.
  2. The local currency used in Seychelles is Seychellois Rupees. 1 SCR = 5 INR (approximately) and 10 SCR = 0.6 USD (Approximately)
  3. Both Euros and Seychellois Rupees are accepted here due to the large European population.
  4. Seychelles is one of the safest places in the world with the lowest crime rates and the people are extremely warm and helpful here.
  5. They offer Airtel SIM cards on the three main islands – MahĂ©, Praslin, and La Digue and there are several outlets and stores that make it easy to recharge your SIM card.
  6. There is ferry service available to travel between Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue islands. On Mahé Island, the bus network is amazing and extremely cheap at 7 Seychellois Rupees for a journey. You can also get cycles or rent cars for a reasonable cost for exploring the islands.
  7. Seychelles is a visa-free country and you only need to get a visitor permit when entering the country. For the permit, you need to show your proof of accommodation, funds, passport (not expiring for 6 months) and return flight tickets.


A visit to Seychelles is a great chance to enjoy a stress-free vacation by the beach. And with so many hikes available, you can get your regular dose of adrenaline too while enjoying some mesmerizing views. Trust me, I had a complete blast on my trips to Seychelles and I became friends with so many other travelers that I met here during those 15 days.

So, if you are looking for an offbeat destination to explore then Seychelles is definitely a great choice. Amazing food, clear blue ocean, granite boulders, and amazing viewpoints, there is not much that you won’t like about this magical destination. And do check out a few of these top places to visit in Seychelles for an epic vacation here.

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