Rachita Saxena

Rachita is a 20-something who loves to travel and curate stories about her experiences. She loves to immerse herself in the local culture and try the delicacies when visiting a destination. When she is not traveling or blogging about her experiences, you can find her reading a book or watching movies in her free time.

Tirthan Valley Trek Route

A Comprehensive Guide for Tirthan Valley Treks in 2021

Himachal Pradesh is home to some really gorgeous hill stations and trekking trails. However, a few popular destinations in Himachal have now become extremely commercialized and crowded. The trekking trails at these popular destinations are lined with shops and filled with garbage and have lost their essence. But that is not the case with the Tirthan Valley trek...

Best Time to Visit Tirthan Valley

What is the Best Time to Visit Tirthan Valley?

Planning a trip to Tirthan Valley soon? Not sure about the best time to visit Tirthan Valley? Well, since Tirthan Valley has a cool and pleasant climate, one can visit here throughout the year. But the best time to visit Tirthan Valley depends a lot on your reason for visiting the destination. Since this is a popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh, many people...

Trip to Leh Ladakh

Leh Travel Guide: Planning a Trip to Leh-Ladakh in 2021

Leh Ladakh was honestly never in my travel bucket list. Why? Because it had become such a mainstream destination in the past couple of years. Any person who I talked to in India just wished to go on a motorbike trip to Leh Ladakh. So, it slightly put me off the idea of visiting this place as I prefer less-touristy destinations. However, when I got a chance to...